Employment and Labor Lawyers

Employment and Labor Lawyers

משרד עורכי דין ונוטריון גרוס אפלמן

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The area of labor law is one of the most dynamic, challenging and complex areas of Israeli law, especially when it comes to employment and labor legal procedures involving high-ranking employees such as executives, senior employees, shareholders, directors, managers, employees in key positions, freelancers and more.

The area of employment and labor law and the legal representation on this topic, including the legal issues in many areas of the law (e.g. limitation of the professional freedom, defamation, sexual harassment prevention law and more), as well as complex economic issues. Therefore, thorough thinking and planning are required in order to manage the legal process, the outcome of which has serious consequences both for the employee and for the employer.

The same also applies in the stage of legal consultation in the framework of the drafting of executive and senior/ high ranking  work agreements, both in the private and in the public sectors, for which is compulsory to comply with regulatory provisions (such as tender laws and the alike).

 high ranking  or senior workers employed by organizations, corporations and companies on a regular basis are forced to adopt significant financial and legal decisions. The lawyer who accompanies the same high-ranking employee in the area of labor law, examines the legal implications of each decision and ensures that the client’s rights are not violated, neither in the present and not in the future. Therefore, the lawyer accompanying the high-ranking employee in the area of labor law must have vast experience and should be an expert in labor law.

At your service, the Employee Representation Department

Another well-known challenge in the representation of salaried workers in general and of  high ranking  employees in particular, in the area of labor law, refers to the fact that these are often very intense problems, both for the employee and for the employer, and they frequently have a high media exposure profile.

Often the employee faces a “battery of attorneys” who are on the employer’s side, and must therefore be assisted by lawyers who not only specialize in employment law, but who have vast experience in representing employees against employers and aggressive lawyers.

Employee Representation at the Gross Epelman Law Firm

The Gross Epelman Law Firm is a leading law firm in its field, which includes a specific department specialized in employment and labor law and comprises the representation of employees, shareholders, directors, partners, executives and more. Considering that the firm also specializes in representing employers and that the Law Firm’s founding partners have accumulated vast experience in this area, each case is studied and examined with reference to the interests of both parties to the dispute. This is an important parameter that allows us to submit to the client the complete image and act on the basis of a holistic, professional and creative legal strategy.

We represent high ranking workers and managers in the negotiation for the signing of the employment contract. In other words, representation in the negotiation and signing of employment personal contracts meticulously drafted in accordance with the particular position and job; these employment agreements require the broadest deepening of legal aspects. Furthermore, our firm of course represents workers and managers whose rights have been violated, as well as workers and managers who are facing retirement and wish to act in the most correct and proper way, to guarantee the maximization of their rights.

Likewise, the firm also represents employees in mediation processes, hearings and, of course, in all the instances in the courts and tribunals in Israel.

 Among the services we provide to employees, it is worth mentioning:

  • Legal representation in pre-dismissal hearing procedures (including injunctions against dismissal).
  • Legal representation in the retirement and pension processes.
  • Representation in negotiations to sign a labor agreement and review of employment contracts for managerial and high-ranking employees.
  • Representation of employees and managers after takes place a tangible deterioration in working conditions (resignation with same rights in case of dismissal).
  • Representation of freelancers and suppliers in procedures to achieve recognition of employer-employee relationship. 
  • Study of workers’ rights according to expansion orders or collective agreements.
  • Management of complex procedures on issues such as discrimination in the workplace, sexual harassment, women’s rights, etc.
  • Representation of employees and directors in the public sector.
  • Representation of workers and managers in the criminal area of employment and ​​labor law, such as disciplinary procedures, sexual harassment and more.
Office Departments

מחלקת דיני עבודה

מחלקת דיני העבודה במשרד עורכי דין גרוס אפלמן הינה מחלקה מובילה בתחומה אשר מייצגת מעסיקים ושכירים בשדרות הניהול הגבוהות. אנו עומדים לימין שורה ארוכה של חברות ציבוריות, חברות פרטיות, תאגידים, חברות היי טק, מוסדות להשכלה גבוהה, מפעלים, שגריריות, נציגויות בינלאומיות, חברות ביטוח, פירמות בתחום הפיננסים, בתי השקעות ועוד

מחלקת צווארון לבן

ייצוג בתיקי צווארון לבן מפגיש תדיר חשודים/נאשמים נורמטיביים עם המשפט הפלילי (ועם עבירות שדינן מאסר מאחורי סורג ובריח). מדובר בנקודת מפגש שעלולה להשפיע על חייו של החשוד/הנאשם באופן דרמטי, לחסל את עתידו המקצועי ולגרום לקריסה במישורים אישיים וחברתיים. 

מחלקת עיזבונות

מחלקת העיזבונות במשרד עורכי דין גרוס אפלמן מתמחה בניהול עיזבונות מורכבים וביניהם עיזבונות בעלי תמהיל נכסים מגוון, עיזבונות בינלאומיים (עיזבונות רב-לאומיים), עיזבונות רבי-דורשים, עיזבונות עתירי ממון ועוד.

שירותי נוטריון

משרד עורכי דין גרוס אפלמן מספק ללקוחותיו את מלוא המניפה של שירותי הנוטריון. עו"ד מריאל אפלמן הינה עורכת דין ונוטריונית אשר דוברת אנגלית, ספרדית ועברית כשפות אם. שירותי הנוטריון במשרד כוללים אפוסטיל, תרגום נוטריוני, ייפוי כוח נוטריוני, הסכמי ממון נוטריונים, צוואות נוטריוניות, אימות חתימה ועוד.

מחלקת עיזבונות | מחלקת צוארון לבן | שירותי נוטריון

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