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About us

About us

About the Gross Epelman Law Firm and Notary

The Gross Epelman Law Firm and Notary has over 30 years of experience; based in Tel Aviv, serves clients nationally and internationally.

The Firm has four professional departments that operate individually and independently, maintaining close interaction between them. Therefore, the Firm provides the clients with legal and economic coverage tailored according to their needs and objectives.

The founders and senior partners of the Firm, Lawyer Oren Gross and Lawyer Mariel Epelman, are personally and individually involved in each of the cases that arrive at the firm. In the broadest sense, advocate Gross and advocate Epelman are always present with their professional footprint.


The Firm stands up for the search for the correct and adequate legal path according to the circumstances of each case, offering to the client all the available options with full transparency and with the professionalism that originates both in the experience and in the legal creativity that Advocate Gross and Advocate Epelman have accumulated over the years. Based upon the aforementioned, the Firm maintains the balance between the legal solutions and the implications with respect to the client at a commercial, economic, family and social level.

Employment and Labor Law Department: our Firm has a leading Employment and Labor Law Department that provides legal advice to employers, companies, corporations and high rank employees. The Department provides services to private companies, public companies, embassies, committees, institutions of higher education, high-tech companies, insurance companies, investment firms, industrial plants, leading companies, high-ranking employees, etc.

We also provide the legal advice, which accompanies the company / corporation all the way (from the date of its incorporation and at all the levels of activity), as well as in litigation and representation in all judicial instances and in the courts in Israel. The Department has specific and distinctive experience in the accompaniment of foreign companies in Israel in a variety of areas related to the Employment and Labor Law and to the employment of local workers. Our Firm has extensive experience in all matters relating to criminal offenses in the context of labor relations, including sexual harassment and the disciplinary laws of public officials and of the local authorities.

Complex Probate and Estate / International Probate Department – Our Firm’s Probate and Estate Department specializes in the administration of complex estates and of international probate (multinational estates), including estates with multiple inheritance claimants, with a mix of assets dispersed worldwide and that are claimed by families and heirs scattered in several countries, etc. Our firm has distinctive experience in the administration of international legacies made up of assets and properties dispersed throughout the world and that are claimed by families and heirs scattered in various countries. Meaning inheritances that require competence and expertise to deal with the complex web of Probate and Estate Law.

White Collar Crimes Department: For the last three decades, our White Collar Crimes Department specializes in the representation of employers and businessmen involved in white collar crime cases including money laundering, tax offenses (VAT, income tax, customs, etc.), sexual harassment, cybercrime, fraud, bribery, securities crime, false registration of corporate documents, etc.

Notarial services: Our Firm’s Notarial Services Department offers to its clients the full range of notarial services, including notarial translation, apostille, document authentication, wills, notarized agreements (including Prenuptial Agreements), notarized power of attorney, etc. . Notarial services are provided in English, Hebrew and Spanish.

Senior Partners

Advocate Oren Gross

Advocate Oren Gross has more than 25 years’ experience in the area of ​​Employment and Labor Law and Civil Law in all their aspects. In addition to his rich legal experience, he has held senior positions in leading companies in the market and, therefore, simultaneously to the legal vision, he is able to appreciate the business and economic aspects. Advocate Oren Gross holds a Tax Advisor License and specializes in cases of violation of income tax and VAT laws.

Advocate Mariel Epelman

Advocate Mariel Epelman is a lawyer, mediator and notary specializing in Civil-Commercial and Employment and Labor Law. She speaks English, Hebrew and Spanish at the mother tongue level. In 1995, she started working as a lawyer in Israel and in 2006 she was accredited as a notary. Advocate Mariel Epelman is the President of the Israel-Spain Chamber of Commerce, and specializes in International Law, including the management of multinational assets. Furthermore, advocate Mariel Epelman is in continuous contact with our representations around the world, including the United States, Spain, Argentina, etc.

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