About us

About us

About us

About the Gross Epelman Law Firm and Notary

Gross – Epelman Law Office and Notary draws on more than 30 years of rich, diverse experience, and serves clients across Israel and internationally.

Our firm believes in finding the right and most appropriate legal path individually tailored for each client according to their specific circumstances. We present the client with the full range of potential options, based on their needs and goals, while finding the optimum balance between the various legal solutions and the potential business, economic, family and social implications.
In doing so, we implement strategic, creative thinking, as well as inter-disciplinary skills, to attain the best possible outcome for the client.

Our firm prides itself on the personal and in-depth involvement of both Adv. Oren Gross and Adv. Mariel Epelman in every single case. The unmistakable professional trademark of Adv. Gross and Adv. Epelman is their unwavering dedication to providing our clients with exceptional customer service, in the broadest sense of the term.

Senior Partners

Advocate Oren Gross

Advocate Oren Gross has more than 25 years’ experience in the area of ​​Employment and Labor Law and Civil Law in all their aspects. In addition to his rich legal experience, he has held senior positions in leading companies in the market and, therefore, simultaneously to the legal vision, he is able to appreciate the business and economic aspects. Advocate Oren Gross holds a Tax Advisor License and specializes in cases of violation of income tax and VAT laws.

Advocate Mariel Epelman

Advocate Mariel Epelman is a lawyer, mediator and notary specializing in Civil-Commercial and Employment and Labor Law. She speaks English, Hebrew and Spanish at the mother tongue level. In 1995, she started working as a lawyer in Israel and in 2006 she was accredited as a notary. Advocate Mariel Epelman is the President of the Israel-Spain Chamber of Commerce, and specializes in International Law, including the management of multinational assets. Furthermore, advocate Mariel Epelman is in continuous contact with our representations around the world, including the United States, Spain, Argentina, etc.

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